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The HIMS PhD colloquium series is a 1-monthly series of PhD-lectures with a borrel afterwards. During 1,5 hour three PhD students will present their research ideas and results in a lecture of twenty minutes, each followed by ten minutes discussion with fellow HIMS researchers.

A PhD project is a learning experience that should go beyond "just" doing good science; PhD students should also

  • be able to present and defend their research to a broad audience;
  • be able to explain general concepts succintly and clearly;
  • be open to getting in touch with other colleagues within one's working environment;
  • be able to look over the borders of their own research and discuss good science in general.

The HIMS PhD colloquium series aims to facilitate and catalyze these aspects of the PhD learning experience. As a rule all HIMS researchers and co-workers are invited AND expected to attend with a critical but constructive attitude.

Each PhD student will hold a presention in the series at least twice during his/her project, i.e. as a 'starter' and as an 'advanced' researcher:

  • A 'starter' presenter will focus on the proposed research and explain in general terms how the research will be carried out. Initial experiments may be highlighted.
  • An 'advanced' presenter includes a more elaborate explanation of research goal and concept. Also highlights of key-results will be presented an implications of the results identified.

Furthermore, PhD students will chair the colloquium series on the scheduled date following the date of their own lecture.

Use the survey to give your feedback on the lectures

The survey is strictly anonymous and easy to use. You find the link to the survey in the email announcements of the PhD lectures.