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Coarse-grained modeling for molecular discovery

Applications to cardiolipin-selectivity

20 December 2023
Author: B. (Bernadette) J. Mohr
Supervisor: P.G. Bolhuis
Co-supervisor: T. Bereau
Group: Computational Chemistry

Pyrolysis-based methods for polymer characterization

28 September 2023
​​​​​​​Author: W. (Wouter) C. Knol
Supervisors: R.A.H. Peters, G.W. Somsen
Co-supervisor: B.W.J. Pirok, P.J. Schoenmakers
Group: Analytical Chemistry

Merging methodology & technology for light-mediated synthesis

26 September 2023
Author: T. (Ting) Wan
Supervisors: T. Noël, L. Capaldo
Group: Flow Chemistry

Spectroscopic investigations of the photon-induced reactions in tin-oxo cage photoresists

20 September 2023
Author: N. (Najmeh) Sadegh
Supervisors: A.M. Brouwer
Co-supervisor: P.M. Kraus
Group: Molecular Photonics

Strategies for automated chromatographic method development and data interpretation

13 September 2023
Author: S. (Stef) R.A. Molenaar
Supervisors: P.J. Schoenmakers, G.W. Somsen
Co-supervisor: B.W.J. Pirok
Group: Analytical Chemistry

Photoprotection by spectroscopy

The bottom-up development of efficient sunscreens

21 June 2023
Author: J. (Jiayun) Fan
Supervisors: W.J. Buma, J. Oomens
Group: Molecular Photonics

Metalloradical synthesis of medium-sized ring systems

and their applications as molecular photoswitches and synthetic platforms

15 June 2023
Author: M. (Minghui) Zhou
Supervisor: B. de Bruin
Co-supervisor: J.N.H. Reek 
Group: Homogeneous, Supramolecular and Bio-Inspired Catalysis 

Covalently templated synthesis of catenanes and rotaxanes

21 March 2023
Author: S. (Simone) Pilon
Supervisor: J.H. van Maarseveen
Co-supervisor: M.A. Fernández Ibáñez
Group:  Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Tracking water molecules and carboxylate ions in confinement using advanced vibrational spectroscopy

27 May 2023
Author: A. (Alexander) Korotkevich
Supervisor: H. Bakker
Co-supervisor: S. Grecea
Group: Molecular Photonics

Novel approaches for illicit-drug identification in forensic investigations

12 May 2023
​​​​​​​Author: R. (Ruben) F. Kranenburg
Supervisors: A.C. van Asten, P.J. Schoenmakers
Group: Analytical Chemistry

New methods for the characterization of essential distributions

10 May 2023
Author: L. (Leon) E. Niezen
Supervisors: P.J. Schoenmakers, G.W. Somsen
Co-supervisors: B.W.J. Pirok, B.B.P. Staal
Group: Analytical Chemistry

Higher-order-structure analysis of proteins

by native size-based separations coupled to optical and mass-spectrometric detectors

6 Februari 2023
Author: I. (Iro) K. Ventouri
Supervisors: P.J. Schoenmakers, G.W. Somsen
Co-supervisor: A. Astefanei, R. Haselberg
Group: Analytical Chemistry