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Academic and Research Staff

Heterogeneous Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry
Prof. dr. G. (Gadi) Rothenberg

PI Catalyst Design

Dr. A.C. (Amanda) Garcia

PI Electrochemistry and Electrocatalytic synthesis

A.C. (Ali Can) Kizilkaya

Visiting professor

Ing. N.J. (Norbert) Geels


Dr. ir. J.P. (Johan) Bergsma


H.L. (Helena) Ehren


P.J.L. (Pim) Broersen

PhD candidate

C. (Connor) Deacon Price

PhD candidate

P.C.M. (Pieter) Laan MSc

PhD candidate

M.J. (Martijn) Mekkering MSc

PhD candidate

F.A. (Fran) Pope

PhD candidate

Mr. J.M. (James) Portela E Silva MSc

Visiting PhD candidate

N.I. (Noë) Watson MSc

PhD candidate

Z. (Zheng) Wei

PhD candidate

Students of HCSC