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Synthetic Organic Chemistry


Synthetic Organic Chemistry Research Group

Research presentations

announced ad hoc 

 -All PhD group members tell about their research project and their latest results via Powerpoint presentations to the SOC group, about twice a year per PhD

-Master students give a presentation to the SOC group half-way during their 9-months project and a final presentation with 2 reviewers

-Bachelor students give a final presentation after their 3-month project to the SOC-group with 2 reviewers

Group meetings

every other week on second floor of E building

All group members (PhD, master and bachelor students) present their latest results, and can get feedback from other group members (professor + assistants) about any improvements or follow-up chemistry

Literature discussions

(with cake), weekly on tuesdays, 15.15 h, room announced separately:

Group members present in plenary meetings recent total syntheses or other important recent developments in the literature which are of particular interest for our group

Problem Evenings

Once a year

All students will solve problems, which consist of recent total syntheses which have been transformed into a road-map, giving only the starting compound(s), and subsequent reagents and bruto formula's, leading towards the end product: a natural product.

The group has dinner together at 17.30 pm and returns at 19.00 pm to present their solutions of the problems.