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HIMS researchers in the media

Below is an overview of HIMS researchers appearing in the media. 

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  • Can the climate problem be solved with nuclear energy?
    In an interview with Bob van der Zwaan gives his opinion on this question., 23 September 2020
  •  Flames at the Shell oil refineries
    Bas de Bruin explains at EditieNL (RTL Nieuws) how this happens.
    ► EditieNL 13 August
  • Three-Dimensional Thinking
    Noor Abdulhussain was interviewed by The Column (issued by Chromatography online) on her recently published article and the latest developments in 3D-printing for separation science. The interview was featured on the cover
    The Column
  • Beirut explosion
    In an item for EditieNL (RTL Nieuws), Bas de Bruin provided background on fertilizer explosions and the colour of the smoke cloud.
    EditieNL, 5 August.
  • Cooperation with Chinese universities
    Folia magazine interviewed Gadi Rothenberg on the pros en cons of cooperation with Chinese universities
    Folia, 7 May.
  • Disinfection of face masks
    Fred Brouwer contributed to an item of Edition NL (RTL Nieuws) on desinfecting face masks using UV-light
    Edition NL, 27 March.
  • Rembrandt van Rijn's paint
    Katrien Keune contributed to the TV programme 'Historisch bewijs' about a box with paint bags supposedly used by Rembrandt van Rijn. In an additional online edition of the programme she provides insight into the use of XRF scanning and X-ray methods.
    Historisch bewijs, 12 February.
    Historisch bewijs extra, 12 February.