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Below is an overview of HIMS research and researchers appearing in the media.

Mirjam de Bruin - Hoegée in Folia
Mirjam was interviewed about her recent publication in Forensic Chemistry on the forensic profiling of plastics.
► Plastic kan bewijsmateriaal zijn in moordzaak, bewijst UvA-promovendus. Folia, 12 April 2024.
► Plastic can be evidence in murder case, UvA PhD student proves. Folia, 15 April 2024.

Chris Slootweg in C2W
Last summer, Chris Slootweg dropped a bombshell with a critical essay about the state of contemporary chemistry research and why he thinks things really need to change. 'The question is how we can connect to the unruly reality of social problems.'  In Dutch.
► ‘Als je relevant wil zijn, moet je uit die academische bubbel’ C2W 2 April 2024

Plantics resin featured twice in De Volkskrant

The Magazine accompanying the Easter edition of the Volkskrant newspaper featured a ‘buying guide’ for sustainable products in and around the home. Two of the recommended items featured the biodegradable resin developed at HIMS by Gadi Rothenberg and Albert Alberts and now produced by the spin-off company Plantics: the NoWaste kitchen developed by NOWA Kitchen and a set of chairs developed by furniture company Vepa.
►Van een wormenkrukje tot een bijenhotel: duurzame kooptips voor in en om het huis. Volkskrant, 30 March 2024.

Pim Linnebank at EditionNL: Kwik legt school plat
Pim is back on EditieNL to explain what mercury is and why it is so hard to clean up!
The reason was that a secondary school was recently closed because a jar of mercury was broken during a lesson. Pim is featured at 05:23
EditieNL, 19 March 2024

Gert-Jan Gruter in Folia
Gert-Jan is interviewed about the RIBIPOL project and the PISOX biodegradable, biobased polyesters that resulted from the research.
► UvA-scheikundigen ontwikkelen bio-based plastic: ‘Sterk, recyclebaar én biologisch afbreekbaar’. Folia, 13 March 2024.
► UvA chemists develop new type of bio-based plastic: ‘Strong, recyclable and biodegradable’. Folia, 14 March 2024.

Mimi den Uijl and Pim Linnebank at Kassa!
Mimi and Pim are back at Kassa! This time to examine thermos flasks with a heat meter and an IR camera. Below is the item that was aired on 24 february 2024 (Mimi and Pim can be seen from minute 3:44).

► Full Kassa episode: Kassa | NPO Start, 24 February 2024 (Mimi and Pim at minute 22:30)

Timothy Noël in C2W
It may sound tempting to make your results better than they are, but sooner or later you will fall through the cracks. "This issue not only causes enormous reputational damage, but can also seriously damage the future careers of PhD students and postdocs who work in such groups," said professor of flow chemistry Timothy Noël (UvA) in an opinion piece (in Dutch).
► ‘Reproduceerbaarheid is juist een troef’ C2W, 7 February 2024

Arian van Asten at Nieuwsuur
Arian van Asten appears in Nieuwsuur following the fatal explosion which destroyed a residential complex in Rotterdam and which may have been caused by a drug lab. Pim de Voogt, professor emeritus of IBED, Faculty of Science, is featured in the same item. Arian can be seen at 2:21 and at 5:51.
► NPO Start NTR NOS Nieuwsuur 4 February 2024 21:30

Pim Linnebank at Proefkonijnen 
Zit je veilig in een iglo als er buiten brand uitbreekt? 
► Proefkonijnen, NPOStart, afl. 3, Za 3 feb 12:21 In the TV program Pim tests if ice can outlast fire and can be seen at 8:20 and 28:30.

Much media attention for 'RoboChem' developed at the Flow Chemistry group
Following publication of a paper in Science presenting RoboChem, many (inter)national media reported on the autonomous AI-powered synthesis robot. From EenVandaag, a current affairs programme on Dutch national TV, to Chemical&Engineering News, the world leading chemistry news journal.
► Amsterdamse robot gebruikt AI om chemisch onderzoek te versnellen. Trouw, 24 January 2024.
► Amsterdamse robot helpt moleculen bouwen. De Ingenieur, 26 January 2024.
► RoboChem: meer, beter en sneller synthetiseren. C2W, 26 January 2024.
► Sneller dan de mens en 'dichtbij perfectie': scheikunde in stroomversnelling door kunstmatige intelligentie. EenVandaag, 26 January 2024.
► UvA-onderzoekers bouwen ChatGPT voor de chemie. Folia, 26 January 2024.
► Syntheserobot met AI versnelt onderzoek. Robot Magazine, 26 January 2024.
► Ook geschikt voor compounds? Vindingrijke scheikunderobot verzet voor maanden aan werk in een week. Kunststof&Rubber, 28 January.
► Vindingrijke scheikunderobot verzet voor maanden aan werk in een week. EngineersOnline, 28 January 2024.
► RoboChem blijft maar doorgaan met zoeken naar de efficiëntste chemische reactie. NRC, 30 January 2024.
► Robot assistant optimizes photochemistry. Chemical&Engineering News, 25 January 2024.
► Meet RoboChem: An autonomous AI robot redefining chemical synthesis. InterestingEngineering, 25 January 2024
Autonomous synthesis robot uses AI to speed up chemical discovery., 25 January 2024.
► RoboChem: synthesising more, better and faster. C2W International, 26 January 2024.
► In einer Woche, wofür ein Doktorand ein paar Monate lang forscht. Frankfurter Allgemeine, 10 February 2024.
► Vers une révolution de la recherche pharmaceutique grâce aux robots-chimistes «intelligents» ? Le Figaro, 20 February 2024.

Bernd Ensing in C2W on AI and materials discovery
In the Dutch chemistry magazine C2W, computational chemist Bernd Ensing reflects on the relevance of Artificial Intelligence for materials discovery. 
► ‘AI marks a significant turning point in materials development’. C2W, 19 January 2024.
► ‘AI betekent een niet te onderschatten kentering in materialenontwikkeling’. C2W, 18 January 2024.

Pim Linnebank at Editie NL
In a news item at Editie NL on road salt Pim Linnebank explains why salt lowers the melting point of ice.
► Aflevering 15, Editie NL 15 January, 2024

More HIMS researchers in the media

Our Annual Reports provide overviews of media appearances and other outreach activities of our researchers: