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As part of their own education track all PhD students at HIMS teach experimental and/or practical courses and guide student projects.

Your contribution will mainly be asked for courses in the Chemistry Bachelor- or Master programmes. The Faculty of Science organises a short course 'Teaching Skills for PhD candidates' several times per year, which will support you in preparing for these teaching tasks. During the course you will (further) develop your teaching skills and become aware of your role and responsibilities as a teaching assistant. There are different kinds of exercises to practice your skills, tailored to your own type of teaching (tutorial/"werkcollege", laboratory, computer labs).

On top of that the PhD teaching coordinator of HIMS Dr. Hong Zhang organises an introduction in lab practices. Both trainings are obligatory before one starts teaching activities.

When you are supervising a BSc of MSc student during his/her internship for the first time, it is very useful to follow the course ‘How to effectively supervise individual student projects?’. During this course you will (further) develop coaching skills, learn how to give feedback on the behaviour and output of the student, and how to guide a student successfully through his/her internship. Practicing these skills is a major part of the course, to let you discover what supervision style suits you most.