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Lectures and other contributions in 2019

For the general public

  • Kun je Blauw bloed hebben? En lusten vampieren dat dan? Expedition Next (NWA) Lecture, NEMO middaglezing, Nationale Jeugd-Museum (MJU) lezing (Bas de Bruin)
  • Achieving the 2°C target of the Paris Agreement: energy technology requirements and beyond. Professional lecture at TNO Hoogleraren- en Lectorendag (Bob van der Zwaan)
  • The Energy Transition and the Paris Agreement: an energy technology perspective, and beyond, lecture at Rotary Minerva (Bob van der Zwaan)
  • Hoe kun je zeldzame schatten bewaren? Kinderlezing Universiteitsdag Amsterdam (Maarten van Bommel)
  • Waarom komt er uitlaatgas uit je mond? Vondelparktheater kinderlezing i.s.m. NEMO (Jan van Maarseveen)
  • Ge(s)laagd multidisciplinair onderzoek bij een gezonken schip bij Texel. Lecture at Koninklijke Industrieele Groote Club (Maarten van Bommel)

For high school students and teachers

  • Steunpunt scheikunde: grenzen aan de chemie / Vaksteunpunt samen met steunpunt biologie: chemie in de biologie / Vaksteunpunt: Scheikunde didactiek, . Lectures for (secundary school) teachers (Bernd Ensing)
  • Chemie in Amsterdam, lectures and workshops for upper secundary school teachers and students (Bernd Ensing)
  • Koolstof en zijn buren. Lecture at Woudschoten Chemieconferentie for secundary school teachers (Jan van Maarseveen)
  • Werken als scheikundig onderzoeker, Lecture for secundary school students (Jocelyne Vreede)

TV and radio broadcast contributions

  • DWDD TV talk show on nitrogen, following the current discussion about Dutch nitrogen policy (Jan van Maarseveen).
    De Wereld Draait Door, 4 October. 
  • Radio Swammerdam broadcast on the theme "Sustainable with raw materials" (Gert-Jan Gruter).
    Radio Swammerdam, 8 September.
  • TV science programme 'De Kennis van Nu', episode on illegal fireworks (Karlijn Bezemer and Arian van Asten). 
    De Kennis van Nu, 4 September. 
  • Katrien Keune contributed to the national TV news in an item on 'Operation Nightwatch' and featured in two other programmes. In the broadcast 'Het geheim van de Meester' a painting by Adriaen Coorte was analysed in the HIMS lab. A broadcast of 'Het Klokhuis' about the restoration of paintings also features Katrien and the lab.
    NOS journaal, 8 July (item at 17:38).
    ► Het geheim van de Meester, 8 January
    ► Het Klokhuis, 9 January
  • Amsterdam TV station AT5 on different power plant fuels, in response to unrest about a new biomass plant at Diemen (Ties Korstanje).
    TV 5, 30 March.

HIMS researchers in the media in 2019

  • Handy new device for kinetics analysis
    Dutch chemistry bi-weekly C2W has an article about the handy new kinetics analysis device developed by Thierry Slot, Raveendran Shiju and Gadi Rothenberg. 
    C2W article (11 November).
    ► HIMS news item.
  • Predictive chemistry
    Dutch newspaper Financieele Dagblad reports on simulation models that can predict the chemical properties of consumer products. The contribution of Gadi Rothenberg puts this trend into perspective.
    Financieele Dagblad, 18 October (login required)
  • Negative thermal expansion in MOFs
    Research of David Dubbeldam and Jurn Heinen was reported at various science news websites., 25 September.
    ► LongRoom news, 28 September.
    HIMS news item.
  • Artificial Intelligence in chemical synthesis
    Dutch chemistry bi-weekly C2W reports on artificial intelligence in synthesis robots and poses the question whether synthetic organic chemists will eventually become superfluous. Jan van Maarseveen is among the chemists reflecting on this matter.
    C2W, 18 September.
  • Determining chirality
    Dutch chemistry bi-weekly C2W reports on research by Mark Koenis and Wybren Jan Buma who improved the VCD technique, enabling a substantially more accurate determination of the chirality of molecules. The news was also reported on by
    C2W, 11 September., 8 September.
    HIMS news item.
  • Collecting urine at a music festival
    Dutch popular science website Kennislink and Folia magazine report on the research of Chris Slootweg, Steven Beijer and others, who are collecting the urine of visitors at the Lowlands festival and investigate whether drug use is of influence on extracting struviet from the urine as a phosphate fertilizer. 
    Kennislink, 19 August.
    ► Folia, 21 June.
  • Art conservation
    2019 saw much attention for HIMS research in the field of art conservation. 

    Katrien Keune featured in an article in the Analytical Scientist on 'New Tools for Old Masters' 
    The Analytical Scientist, 30 July.

    In the TV broadcast 'Het geheim van de Meester' a painting by Adriaen Coorte was analysed in the HIMS lab.
    ► Het geheim van de Meester, 8 January

    A broadcast of the educational TV programme 'Het Klokhuis' about the restoration of paintings also features the lab
    ► Het Klokhuis, 9 January

    The Rijkmuseum's 'Operation Nightwatch' induced many media reports with a contribution by Katrien Keune: 
    NOS journaal, 8 July (item at 17:38).
    Podcast of PODNL, 8 July
    Video by Folia, 19 July
    Article in newspaper De Volkskrant, 8 January

    PhD student Mimi den Uijl featured in a 'Weer iets geleerd' video by Metro Nederland (on the colours of Van Gogh) and an episode of the "Makkelijk Praten" podcast (on light degradation and fading colours).
    MetroNederland/YouTube, 17 July
    Makkelijk praten, 27 June
  • Solving a solvability mystery
    Various chemistry media reported on the research by Sander Woutersen (HIMS), Bernd Ensing (HIMS) and Daniel Bonn (IoP) into the question why of two types of commonly used polyethers one is water-soluble and the other is not.
    Chemistry World, 4 July 
    C2W, 1 July
    ► HIMS news item, 30 June
  • Enhancing the performance of MOF materials
    Dutch chemistry bi-weekly C2W reported on research by Yiwen Tang, Stefania Grecea and others. By using leaves from the black poplar as a template, they produced hierarchical porous structures of mixed-metal oxide materials that can act as support for MOF crystals.
    C2W, 2 July
    ► HIMS news item, 26 June
  • Sustainable plastic
    Gert-Jan Gruter is frequently consulted as an expert on issues of plastic and sustainability
    ► Kennislink, 2 May
    ► One World, 4 March 
  • Circular Chemistry
    The commentary of Chris Slootweg in Nature Chemistry where he introduced the concept of Circular Chemistry received much attention in the media.
    ► NRC Handelsblad, 11 March
    ► De Standaard, 12 March
    ► C2W, 12 April
    ► HIMS news item
  • Open access
    Bas de Bruin was among several professors consulted by NRC Handelsblad about the so-called 'plan S' of European science financiers to introduce open access.
    ► NRC Handelsblad, 8 February
  • Decarbonization
    The Energienieuws platform spoke with Bob van der Zwaan about a recently published EU-report about decarbonization to which Van der Zwaan made a significant contribution.
    ► Energienieuws, 11 January